Reasons To Look At Homes In The Grey Oaks Estuary Subdivision

There is a subdivision in the Grey Oaks country club in Naples that you may want to consider as a potential place to live. It is called the estuary. There is also a golf course there with the same name, and it is one of the more popular subdivisions within this community. There are 15 total subdivisions for homes and three additional ones that are designed for those that want condos. It is strategically positioned close to the Gulf of Mexico, and popular attractions like the Naples Zoo. If you have kids, this will be an excellent location. However, if it is just you, and you’re significant other, is the perfect place to live or retire. To find out more about the Naples Grey Oaks homes, look at this few of the reasons you should live there.

Why You Should Consider The Grey Oaks Estuary

Of all of the subdivisions at this golfing community, the Estuary is one of the more popular. It is in the midst of the many other subdivisions including Estates, Capistrano, and Mirada. Those that live there are near one of the three golf courses that are beautifully designed. The prices for homes average $1 million, and they are exquisitely built and designed. On top of the beautiful homes, and the golf courses, there are social events that will keep you preoccupied. The golf courses, however, tend to be one of the main reasons that people will move into this community.

The Three Golf Courses In Grey Oaks

One of the more outstanding features of this particular community are the three golf courses. They were designed by Clifton, Cupp, and Ezell. They are surrounded by lakes, lagoons, and unusual water formations. There are also waterfalls, sandy beaches, and towering trees in all directions. The fairways are quite long, and also challenging. Each course extends, on average, 7000 yards. Some of them are considered to be extremely difficult such as the Pine Course. If you are looking for sheer beauty, the Estuary Course might be more of what you have in mind. Finally, there is the Palm Course that is also very popular that utilizes the tropical landscaping to create a very dramatic appearance. All of these are fantastic golf courses, all of which will be challenging, and you get the added benefit of the club houses once you are done.

What You Should Know About The Club Houses

The club houses are very large, and the fact that there are two of them, they will easily accommodate all of the members. The smaller East clubhouse is nearly 20,000 square feet, and the West clubhouse is about three times as big. You get access to upscale restaurants, spas, fitness centers, and USDA certified professionals to help you if you like to play tennis. All of this is built in the midst of the lush vegetation and landscapes that can be found throughout this facility that first opened up back in the 1990s.

How To Find Out About Available Homes For Sale

The homes that are for sale will be listed with local realtors. There are a few of them that are much more prominent than others. Try to find the realtor that seems to have the most listings, and can also provide you with the most current information. For example, not only should they tell you about the homes that are for sale, and the condos, but detailed information about the membership packages. They can give you an inside look at how it will feel once you are a member of this community and the many things that you will be able to do once you get there. They can also negotiate with the sellers if you are making an offer that is a little bit lower. They can tell you who would be more flexible. As long as you are willing to wait, you will likely find a fantastic deal at this beautiful Grey Oaks country club. Find out more information about this community.

If you have not seen listings for this country club before, you should certainly start looking. Once they are listed, they go very quickly, and it has to do with how difficult it is to get in. Despite having 999 homes in the community, it is the popularity of this facility that allows them to sell so quickly. Find a realtor today that can talk to you about homes that are currently available so that you can make an offer and potentially move into this gated golf community. If you have always wanted to live at one of the most elite places to play golf, this is in the top 1% of all golfing communities in America. If you enjoy the weather in Florida and like to have access to top golf courses and amenities, Grey Oaks Estuary is where you should be.